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Small Businesses Compete with Brands using SEO, How ?

August 31, 2021

Presently, having an online website for the business is quite common, from big brands to small companies competing for the top position in SERP.

Since big players already have huge resources and budgets, it seems to be a dominating game.  Then how small businesses with limited resources and experience can survive in the market?

All thanks to search engine optimization, it doesn’t judge the service provider according to the size of its website. SEO uses an unbiased algorithm that brings the results of the most relevant searches. In this way, after implementing some smart strategies, small businesses can gain an edge over their competitors in terms of organic leads and traffic.

How is SEO for Business levelling the whole SERP game?

Seo Service in Jaipur plays a vital role in every form of online business. No matter how much you invested time, effort, and money in digital marketing, it will mean nothing if your targeted customers can’t reach you. With the help of proper strategies, amazing services, and products, your business can become visible.

Big brands spend thousands of dollars every month to promote their brand and products. But this type of rapid investment in the advertisement can lead a small business to the stage of bankruptcy. Therefore for the small venture, SEO is considering an appropriate way to reach big brands.  It is a time-taking process, but it will you sure succeed in the long term.

Learn How to compete in front of big brands with the help of SEO

Niche Specialization

It is a myth that small businesses try to target as many keywords as possible. Irrespective of the industry, how hard a small business is fighting, you still have to fight against one big giant because large companies target most general keywords related to their business.

Even though you own a business offering a wide range of services, you shouldn’t try to target all types of relevant keyword phrases. You need to shortlist your specialization and focus more effort to gain better online visibility. On the other end,  if you have too many areas, then you will achieve nothing.

Long-Tail Keywords

If you are attempting to contend with big brands, you should focus on long-tail keywords instead of high search volume keywords. If your digital marketing company in Jaipur targets long-tail keywords, you will get the great possibility of turning the visit into a lead and gaining higher visibility.

For this, you have to identify the specific areas of your business, like its special offering, selling points, locations, and others. After this, you need to place search terms that big brands are unwilling to target, but potential customers use them more frequently.

Quality Rich Content

Ages ago, SEO was used to stuff keywords and creating plenty of backlinks to manipulate the search results.  But now, these techniques are no longer useful. Search Engine is following a comprehensive algorithm that focuses on quality-rich content.

Search engines reward those websites that use and publish informative, unique, and valuable content. An efficient and bright content strategy of Seo Company in Jaipur that emphasizes consistency and quality will offer you a level over your competitors.

Optimization of Technical Opportunities

Apart from focusing on the content and keyword, you should look at the technical aspects because any technical problem can negatively impact the traffic and ranking of the website.

The website’s performance is also optimized to improve the loading speed, avoid broken links, duplicate content, remove improper canonical link elements, or add image tags. It would be wastage of time and effort if a search engine can’t index or crawl your website properly.

Your website performance must be optimized by improving loading speed, avoiding duplicate content and broken links, removing improper canonical link elements, adding alt tags to images, etc. It is a true waste of effort and time on content optimization if search engines cannot crawl and index your web pages properly.


For competition with large brands, you have to be proactive. With the help of proper planning and effective use of SEO strategies, you can gain an advantage and grow your business to new heights.


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